About the release

Our music began in the UK in Birmingham in September 2018. Patrick recorded improvisations, as well as some prewritten material, played by Adam on piano and sometimes Patrick on guitar. Every week Patrick took this material to his studio in Bristol, where 93 tracks were reassembled and worked on and Horn Bass and programmed drums were added by April 2019.

It took 5 weeks for us to scrutinize and sift through our music until we had collected 15 tracks to develop further. We worked and rebuilt the drafts of our demos. The Horn parts were rewritten and extra piano and Rhodes parts were added. Taking shape, our music went to New York. Four instrumentalists and three rappers delved into our music recording their contributions in a studio in Brooklyn. Finally, we took our music to London where this year long project was mixed and mastered.

If you draw a straight line between Birmingham, Bristol and London on a map it forms a triangle and conveniently illustrates a musical analogy. Music from both past and present New York can be imagined as a series of waveforms, passing through the triangle of the three UK cities like light through a prism, creating a whole spectrum of new sounds. To carry forward this analogy, if Gershwin’s ‘Rhythm changes’ provided Thelonious Monk with a structure to base his tune “Rhythm-a-ning”, the music of New York has provided inspiration for us to create our first record “Prism-a-Ning”.