a well-wrought and rounded conceptual recording project on which each eruption and sudden burst of inspiration is precisely and meticulously planned and placed. that genre-eclecticism, turns out to be the record’s winning formula, for each stylistic trait is expertly executed. Albums like this one render radio programs and hosts obsolete (no offense intended).
The group’s work in this language is indicative of a new wave sweeping Europe and Scandinavia, where the boundaries between jazz and electronics are being creatively blurred by a growing number of forward-thinking artists and already ranks among the most beautiful this year! the whole thing feels like a lovely dream.
It’s an exceptionally hard-hitting and groovy music that flows out of this CD right from the start, an opening that very clearly demonstrates a musical shift in the duo A fantastic album, with a tight sound.
Just listen to tracks like the amazing “Noise of time” in the middle of their album, which combines superb contemporary jazz the overall tight structure of the project, which maintains in equal doses the power and essence of the small shape, in combination with the volume and jolt of the orchestra.Nice album!
From this laboratory, there has been an extraordinary amount of great, melodic, often magnificent and original jazz music Both the road to the goal and the result are exciting and fascinating
The sound and tone are strong, melodic, and quite soothing and then before you know what has happened the sound morphs into something quite different, more jazz/rock fusion before subsiding back to where it started. This is clever writing, playing, and challenging for the listener too. I really enjoyed this album


a genuinely impressive piece of work that convincingly explores a variety of musical styles and genres, while remaining firmly rooted in the tradition of classic acoustic jazz . a fascinating amalgam of traditional jazz virtues with contemporary production techniques that works very well.
It’s utterly original music, the best thing is simply to absorb yourself in the sound. 
An eclectic collection of tunes which bridge the gaps between fusion, electronica and funk.